In and Around the HP P4500 G2 SAN

This is a quick look around the latest generation of virtualised iSCSI P4000 G2 storage nodes from HP.

The HP P4500 G2 is a 2U rack mount unit with styling very typical of an HP DLxxx series server (charcoal grey with the port wine coloured hot swap SAS disks). Standard blue UID indicator lights are lit in the picture below.

Popping the top on the unit reveals nothing too out of the ordinary with regards to a rack server – you can see the twelve 450GB 15K SAS disks in the front, the fans, power supplies (top right) and the black air shroud covering the Intel CPU. The left side is where the HP P410 Smart Array controller lives and a rear mounted DVD-ROM drive.

The G2 nodes are Intel based, packing a single Xeon 5520 (Nehalem), running at 2.26 GHz with 8M Cache, 4-cores + HT (giving 8-threads). A lone 4GB DDR3 1333 MHz ECC memory module sits in the first channel and a second empty LGA 1366 CPU socket round out the view.

Another view showing the internal layout of the components in the HP P4500 G2. You can see the CPU and RAM bottom centre, power suppplies on the right, Smart Array Controller on the left and DVD-ROM a the rear.

The back of the P4500 G2 has mostly what you would expect in a 2u rack server.

Dual hot swap 750 watt power supplies, USB, serial,VGA, iLO-2 management port and the all important dual Intel gigabit network interfaces used for iSCSI traffic and central management of the nodes. These NICs are an Intel 82576 chipset integrated onto the motherboard.

There’s room for a couple of x16 PCI Express cards – for those awesome 10Gbe NIC upgrades (Current CX4 variety or much cheaper SFP+ based versions coming soon).

Finally a DVD-ROM is installed on the back of this server.

Each unit weighs in at around 20KG and is very easy to rack mount (as you would expect for any modern enterprise server or storage).

That about wraps it up for the hardware.

Where these units get really interesting is in the SAN/iQ software – the topic of future posts.


5 thoughts on “In and Around the HP P4500 G2 SAN

  1. Nice little post Barrie, preps me up for our P4500 which has just been ordered to replace a rather slow and underpowered Storevault s500. Cheers.

  2. Forgot to ask did you get free licenses of the SVA along with this order, I have read some post elsewhere that it comes with 10 licences? Thanks.

    1. Hi Erwin – thanks for the comments

      No we didn’t get any free VSA licenses, I believe you might only get these if you buy the multi-site cluster bundle – but I might be mistaken 🙂

  3. How do we connect to the serial management port of the P4500? I can’t find any docs related to the setup.

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