SAN/iQ availability and download

As of the 29th of March, SAN/iQ 8.5 is available for download – here are the details (from HP)

SANIQ version 8.5 allows customers to:

1 Reclaim additional capacity with network RAID 5 and 6 (up to 50% additional capacity utilization)
2 Simplify business continuity with application integrated snaps for scheduled local and remote sites
3 Analyze their existing configuration to ensure adherence to industry best practices
4 Support external FC/iSCSI/SAS via VSA, allowing customers to repurpose 3rd party storage

For more information on how to download and upgrade:

To download our SAN/iQ 8.5 software go to:

To download full SAN/iQ release upgrades go to:

Click on “Software Update Manager (SUM)”
Click on “Download Updates”
Registration on ITRC and linking a support agreement to a user ID is required to access full upgrades

**An update to this: SAN/iQ update files (for upgrading 8.1 to 8.5) are available here: This no longer works

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