Things to love about VMware View 4.5

These are just a few cool things that have stood out in my last couple of days of testing VMware View 4.5

The Interface

View 4.5 sports an Adobe flex based interface – it’s fast, elegant and works well with Firefox, IE and Chrome.
It’s a vast improvement over the slow java web based interface of View 3 and 4.0.
Inclusion of a dashboard and the general layout have improved visibility of the desktop environment immensely.

Proper Windows 7 support

Better late than neverūüėČ
We now have Wyse P20’s connected via PCoiP to Windows 7 linked clones with two large wide screen LCDs.
Best thin client experience I have ever had on the LAN.

Improved PCoIP performance on the WAN

Over an ADSL home connection with 50-100ms latency, it seems much¬†improved¬†over View 4.0. Much Faster “clearing” or redraw of screen areas and much more responsive even with Window 7 “effects”.

Thinapp assignments to desktop pools and/or individual desktops

Create your thinapps, drop them on a network share and point your connection servers at the repository. From there assign apps or groups or apps to entire desktop pools or individual desktops. What could be easier?

Full event logging to a SQL or Oracle database

Great for security auditing, desktop and user history and SQL based web  reports for management.

Huge upgrade for Persistent disks (for redirected user profiles)

Persistent disks are now fully manageble objects.
They can be detached and reattached to a desktop.
They can be archived when a desktop is deleted and then reattached to another.
They can live on separate storage.
A detached persistent disk can be used as a jumping point to create a new desktop with that disk assigned and the correct user assigned to the desktop.

Different data types on different Datastores

View 4.5 now allows you to seperate the replica, the persistent disks, the linked clones and disposable data (like swap files) on different datastores.

This opens up enormous performance optimization abilities, such as replicas on SSD and linked clones on 15K SAS/FC, while persistent disks and swap go onto slower cheaper SATA arrays.

View PowerCLI

Powershell comes to VMware View.  Awesome.
A great collection of cmdlets for desktops, pools, users, persistent disks, connection servers, events and so on.

6 thoughts on “Things to love about VMware View 4.5

  1. Things to piss you off about View 4.5:

    Mac and PCoIP support? Linux support period? iPad? Blackberry? Android?
    Self-service applications?
    Secure access?
    WAN optimization?
    Monitoring (RTO doesn’t count since you aren’t even shipping it)?
    Hypervisor agnostic?
    User profiles (RTO doesn’t count since you aren’t even shipping it)?
    TRUE app delivery?
    Another model BESIDES VDI?

    1. Your bitter reply seems aimed as if I am a VMware employee – which i am not.

      I am a customer

      You however sound like a Citrix or Microsoft employeeūüôā

      1. Apologies for the tone. It was not directed at you, rahter at the product.

        Not an employee of either, but do work for a reseller/partner of all technologies. In trying to sell View and XenDesktop, these are the talking points presented to me that I am unable to refute. XenDesktop is the superior technology…Just sayin.

  2. Thanks for the write-up! As a current 3.1.2 user I definately see the improvements and advantages of 4.5 and I’m looking forward to doing a POC in the near future.

    However bitter as it may be, Jasons reaction does trouble me as the call for Mac, Ipad and Linux (think OpenGov) is getting louder quickly.

    User profiles and app delivery are no issue though, there are plenty more suitable products around for that such as Powerfuse or ProfileUnity.

  3. If you are planning to upgrade to 4.5 keep in mind that you can’t have Blackberry 9700 to talk to VMView 4.5 anymore.

    I hope they fix this soon, cuz this is the only reason we haven’t upgraded yetūüė¶

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