XenServer “Cowley” – Speculation

Just some idle speculation on the next verison of XenServer due this quarter – all based on public searches on Google and feature set of the current version of Xen 4.01.

It could be called XenServer 5.7 or 6.0. Who knows?

Here’s what’s coming: (maybe)

The Open vSwitch – it’s available now, but will be a part of the default installation of the next XenServer

Basic VM backup capability looks to be coming as well (although not to the same level of PHD Virtual or Alike software)

Performance and scalabilty – as per Xen 4.0, I would expect XenServer to scale to 128 vCPUs per guest, 1TB of RAM per host, 512GB per guest

Content based memory page sharing (aka memory dedupe)

High performance USB passthru to guest VMs

Enhancement to graphics card GPU passthru to VMs

Higher performance snapshots and clones

Fault tolerance for VMs

Some form of limits or throttling on CPU, memory, disk and network IO

These features are much needed in the face of the continued stable progress of vSphere. Hopefully Citrix have thrown some serious R & D resources at this.

The enterprise and SMB markets benefit tremendously when there is real competition – it offers real choice without having to make too many comprises in performance, stability and feature set.

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