New Teradici PCoIP Management console

Teradici support ( have just released the latest PCoIP management console with a few small enhancements and features. This new console version goes hand-in-hand with the latest 3.2.1 firmware with features and support for VMware View 4.5

You will need a support logon (or your thin client vendor will soon be able to provide this software as well)

If you don’t already know, the Teradici PCoIP Management console is designed for managing thin client devices with the Teradici portal processor and also host based Teradici cards.

I use the management console to configure and push profiles and firmware to the Wyse P20 zero clients in a VMware View 4.5 environment.

The latest version is 1.3.30 (Oct 2010). It introduces central profile configuration features for the new Kiosk feature of VMware View 4.5 and also some advanced options.

The kiosk feature is handy if you want an auto logging-on thin client to a secured floating desktop pool. This config could previously only be done directly on each of the Wyse P20’s (or other similar Teradici device).

I can see this feature heavily used on medical terminals and library kiosks.

Here is a good doc from VMware on the kiosk feature in View 4.5 (

Enhanced logging visibility is also in the newest version.

The main admin page now has a dedicated area to poll, collect, view and download logs of all managed PCoIP devices on your network.

All-in-all, some nice enhancements that will make manageability and visibility of large numbers of PCoIP devices much easier.

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