What may be coming in HP SAN/iQ 9.0

Just by doing a Google around, a few tidbits of info have appeared about the next release of the SAN/iQ environment for the HP P4000 range of storage.

From a VMware vSphere perspective, the following may be making an appearance:

  • VAAI support, for copy/clone, block zeroing and VMFS locking offloading
  • Greater vSphere vStorage API integration – perhaps for snapshots and multi-pathing

There should be enhanced monitoring across management groups and clusters and new event and alerting options.

Enhanced Network RAID options around Network RAID5/6 – to hopefully boost performance and rid the use of snapshots on the current implementation.

Enhanced MPIO DSM for Windows providing active/active multi-pathing.

New management around patches and updates for SAN/iQ and drivers, perhaps including the hardware updates

Some form of  HP remote alerting and monitoring (some form of insight phone home tech?)

Hopefully all this and more will make an appearance before the end of December 2010.

4 thoughts on “What may be coming in HP SAN/iQ 9.0

  1. my info about the release date of saniq 9 is from an hp Customer Presentation

    VMware vSphere 4.1 support with P4000

    vSphere 4.1 enhances existing capabilities and delivers new features, including:
    Efficiency through utilization and automation. 
    Agility with control
    Freedom of choice
    New vStorage API
    API for Array Integration (VAAI) to speed up certain functions
    Full Copy,
    Block Zeroing
    Hardware Assisted Locking
    Requires a special firmware version on the storage array
    P4000 support planned for November 15, 2010.

  2. I’m predicting we’re also going to see a P4000 G3 series turn up, based on the ProLiant G7 server platform. The X1000 and X3000 NAS boxes got a refresh yesterday, going up to the G7 platform and it’d make sense the P4000’s do as well since the G6 hardware must be getting a bit scarce on the production lines these days.

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