SAN/iQ 9.0 is here

From the HP release notes: – here are the new features:

The 9.0 release is a comprehensive release that includes enhancements in the following areas:

  • New global configurations — Email, SNMP, DNS, remote syslog, and upgrades are done at the management group
  • Automated online upgrade management — Identifies, downloads, and applies updates more easily
  • Alarms and Events enhancements — Reduced quantity, configured globally, new severity levels
  • Storage system alarms
  • Network RAID 5 and 6 enhancements — No longer require snapshots, Network RAID 5 on clusters of three or more, Network RAID 6 on clusters of five or more
  • VMware VAAI vStorage offloads — Full copy, Block Zeroing, and Hardware Assisted Locking for faster VM deployment and less load on ESX servers
  • New Best Practice Analyzer rules — Checks for consistent RAID and network settings
  • P4000 Centralized Management Console enhancements — More map views, new volume icons that represent status and RAID, reduced numbers of pop ups, user ability to change CMC font sizes and default names
  • Host server cluster management — Automated assignment of volumes to many servers that make up an application cluster
  • Server aware sites — Servers and server clusters can be assigned to sites to improve load balancing
  • HP Insight Remote Support replaces LeftHand Service Console
  • HP SIM monitoring support (6.2)
  • Localization for Japan, China, and Korea
  • MPIO improvements — Host network load balancing in DSM for MPIO and native windows MPIO support
  • iSCSI session management improvements — Sessions are automatically rebalanced after systems come back online and when systems are added. Sessions are automatically disconnected when volumes are unassigned from servers
  • Improved PGR / Microsoft Failover Cluster scalability — Up to 256 iSCSI sessions per volume with Microsoft Failover Clusters utilizing PGR
  • Cross-Version Remote Copy — Release 9.0 SAN/iQ software can remote copy to and from version 8.5, 8.1, and 8.0 management groups
  • Remote Copy bandwidth — Now managed independently of management group bandwidth
  • CLI improvements — New commands to manage schedules, SNMP, and servers
  • Application-Managed Snapshots support Microsoft Windows CSV

Here is the link to the new download.

7 thoughts on “SAN/iQ 9.0 is here

  1. Do you know how to upgrade each nodes one by one? The 9.0 CMC require me to upgrade the whole Management Group.

    1. I don’t believe there is any publicly known way (from the CMC or the CLI of a node) to upgrade one node at a time.
      I do however hear rumors that if you contact support, they can tell you how to activate a hidden feature of the CMC to do this.

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