Teradici PCoIP firmware 3.5 USB performance comparsion

Recently, Teradici released version 3.5 firmware for PCoIP Zero clients based on the Portal processor.

One of the main enhancements was the ability to fully utilize the USB 2.0 capable hardware that always existed in these devices, but was restricted to USB 1.1 performance by the previous firmware.

Version 3.5 firmware removes this restriction when using a PCoIP Zero client against a VMware View desktop.

I thought I would do a quick test to see what the real world differences were between version 3.4 and 3.5 firmware on a Wyse P20 Zero client.

The Test setup
Wyse P20 Zero client (on gigabit network)
VMware View 5.0 and vSphere 5.0 Infrastructure
Windows XP Virtual Desktop (1 vCPU and 1.5Gb RAM) running in a View 5.0 floating pool
Teradici PCoIP Management Console 1.7

I took a basic 2GB Sandisk USB memory stick and connected it to the Wyse P20 running V3.4 firmware. I then copied a 150MB test file from the local disk of my VM to the memory stick.

I then logged off the desktop and refreshed it so as not to influence the performance via caching etc.

The Wyse P20 was then updated to V3.5 firmware, pushing it out from the Teradici Management console.

Logging back into a fresh View XP desktop, I copied the same 150MB file to the USB memory stick.

The results:

V3.4 firmware: 4m:35s to copy 150MB file

V3.5 firmware: 1m:48 to copy 150MB file

So, almost a four fold increase in USB performance

This will make the Teradici based zero clients more acceptable in situations requiring moving files via USB memory stick and removable hard disks, as well as other applications involving USB based CD/DVD burners.

In my environment, this is the best feature of the latest V3.5 firmware – a must have.