Thinapp Factory – fixing adding Workpool error

VMware just released a new fling, a Thinapp workflow automation tool called Thinapp Factory.

You can read all about it here and download it:

When setting up the Thinapp Factory virtual appliance, pay close attention to the details it is asking you for during the OVF setup.

If you do not supply the correct details, when creating a workpool (new clean VM’s to build thinapps on), you may get a 404 error (page not found) or a HTTP Error 500 Internal server error. (see two images below)



The quick solution is to power down the Thinapp factory appliance and edit its settings. Go to the options tab and vApp properties.

In here make sure you have correct the vCenter server specified (IP or resolvable host name). Also make sure the account you are connecting with is a vSphere admin on that vCenter server.


Scroll down and correctly fill out the datacenter and cluster details. These are exactly the same as your datacenter and cluster names in your vSphere environment (see next image)

You can leave the Resource Pool area blank unless you want the Workpool VM to go somewhere else other than the root resource pool. You will also to provide a datastore name for these VM’s to live.


I have seen other tips and docs stating you should use IP/hostnames for these sections, but they do not work in my environment.

After you have correctly modified these for your environment, power up the appliance and log in via the web interface.

Go to settings and then Workpool.

You should then be able to add a new VM, either letting Thinapp Factory build from an ISO or use an existing VM from your vSphere environment.

And hopefully from there, no more problems getting you first automated Thinapp packages built.

As always, it’s always useful to read the install docs for any other info:

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