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Using Azure PowerShell to deploy Windows Server Technical Preview (Windows Server 2015)

I threw together a quick script so I didn’t have to use the Azure portal wizard to easily spin up Windows Server 10 VM’s for further testing. It’s mostly self explanatory, the Azure PowerShell cmdlets have great help and online resources … Continue reading

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Jumbo frames performance with 10GbE iSCSI

This is yet another voice to add to the opinion that jumbo frames are worth the effort. This is especially true in a 10GbE iSCSI environment doing a hardware refresh of hosts, storage and switches or a pure greenfield deployment. … Continue reading

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iSCSI configuration on Extreme Networks switches

This is a production configuration I have used with 1GbE and 10GbE Extreme Networks switches for iSCSI storage, specifically a Nimble Storage CS260G with 1GbE management interfaces and 10GbE iSCSI data interfaces. 10GbE iSCSI is on one stacked pair of … Continue reading

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What makes up a Nimble Storage array?

I have been asked a couple of times about what is inside a Nimble Storage array in terms of hardware. People have assumed that there may have been proprietary components in a high performance array, but Nimble’s architecture is completely leveraged off a commodity chassis, off … Continue reading

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Renaming vSphere Datastore device display names

In vCenter, storage devices or volumes/LUNs present themselves with a unique identifier usually prefixed with eui. or naa. These are known as Network Address Authority Identifiers and Extended Unique Identifiers. (part of FC and iSCSI naming format standards for LUNs) However, when looking at them in vSphere and via the … Continue reading

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Hyper-V converged network configuration with two NICs

Just a script I put together for my Server 2012 Hyper-V hosts that only have two 10Gbe physical ports, where I want to separate various network functions of Hyper-V into separate virtual network adapters. It also lets me use MPIO with two virtual network adapters dedicated for iSCSI. This is useful for iSCSI storage vendors who recommend using Windows … Continue reading

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Optimising vSphere path selection for Nimble Storage

This post is mostly for documentation or a quick how-to for changing the default path selection policy (PSP) so it is more suitable for Nimble arrays. For Nimble Storage by default, ESXi 5.1 uses the ALUA SATP with a PSP of most recently … Continue reading

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