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Running Veeam Backup 5 in a VM

One of the best features of most modern virtual backup products, is that they support the vStorage APIs for Data Protection (VADP), including change block tracking (CBT) and hot-add. More here on VADP: kb.vmware.com/kb/1021175 To take advantage of the vSphere hot-add ability, the … Continue reading

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Using vCLI (vMA) or PowerCLI for ESXi server maintenance mode

Just a quick post (mostly for documentations sake) to highlight on how to take your ESX(i) boxes into and out of maintenance mode using either VMware vCLI/vMA or VMware PowerCLI (Powershell) This can be handy if you have a whole bunch … Continue reading

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vSphere VAAI Performance on the HP P4000 G2

With the recent release of SAN/iQ 9.0 which supports the VAAI vStorage offload features of vSphere 4.1, I thought I would run a quick block zeroing test to see the difference. The setup was as follows: 4 x HP P4500 … Continue reading

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A list of vSphere 4.1 VAAI compatible arrays?

This list of VAAI arrays detected by the Pluggable Storage Architecture appears in /etc/vmware/esx.conf of an ESX 4.1 host. Appears  these are there to support the vendors whose arrays will support VAAI now or in the future with firmware. /storage/PSA/Filter/claimrule[65430]/match/model = “SYMMETRIX” /storage/PSA/Filter/claimrule[65430]/match/vendor = … Continue reading

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USB passthrough in vSphere 4.1

One of the new features of vSphere/ESX 4.1 is the ability to pass-through up to 20 USB devices from the ESX host to a VM or VMs. It is really simple to setup and test. I am using a Server … Continue reading

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